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3 Pro-Russian Hacktivist Groups Linked To The GRU

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Mandiant researchers are tracking multiple self-proclaimed hacktivist groups working in support of Russian interests.

They assess with moderate confidence that moderators of the purported hacktivist Telegram channels “XakNet Team,” “Infoccentr,” and “CyberArmyofRussia_Reborn” are coordinating their operations with Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)-sponsored cyber threat actors. Mandiant's assessment is based in part on the deployment of GRU-sponsored APT28 tools on the networks of Ukrainian victims, whose data was subsequently leaked on Telegram within 24 hours of wiping activity by APT28, as well as other indicators of inauthentic activity by the moderators and similarities to previous GRU information operations.

GRU: Rise of the (Telegram) MinIOns | Mandiant
Multiple self-proclaimed hacktivist groups are conducting attacks in support of Russian interests.

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