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Béla Nagypál

31 years in the energy sector including more than 25 years in the nuclear. Several years of experience in the technical field and also in quality assurance, management, control and supervision.

Ferenc Fresz

Founder and CEO of Cyber Services, conducting cybersecurity and cyber defense capability development on numerous international fronts.

Muraközi Gergely

Lawyer and analyst specializing in the Maslow Pyramid's basis: the legal and technological aspects of energy, food and healthcare. Avid IT admin and GDPR practicioner.

Peter Gorgey

Electrical engineer, electric power engineering. Vice President of the Energy Informatics Section of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. Co-founder of the SeConSys collaboration.

Szele Tamás

Szele Tamás vagyok, 54 éves újságíró, 1990 óta dolgozom a szakmában, több lap munkatársa voltam és vagyok, mint fel tudnám sorolni: alapvető szakterületem a külpolitika.