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Detecting and preventing LSASS credential dumping attacks

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Microsoft Defender has been updated to block 15 different methods of LSASS (Local Security Authority Server Service) dumping.

Obtaining user operating system (OS) credentials from a targeted device is among threat actors’ primary goals when launching attacks because these credentials serve as a gateway to various objectives they can achieve in their target organization’s environment, such as lateral movement. One technique attackers use is targeting credentials in the Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) process memory because it can store not only a current user’s OS credentials but also a domain admin’s.
LSASS credential dumping was first observed in the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of several sophisticated threat activity groups—including actors that Microsoft tracks as HAFNIUM and GALLIUM— and has become prevalent even in the cybercrime space, especially with the rise of the ransomware as a service gig economy. Detecting and stopping OS credential theft is therefore important because it can spell the difference between compromising or encrypting one device versus an entire network. Security solutions must provide specific measures and capabilities to help harden the LSASS process—for example, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has advanced detections and a dedicated attack surface reduction rule (ASR) to block credential stealing from LSASS.
Detecting and preventing LSASS credential dumping attacks - Microsoft Security Blog
LSASS credential dumping is becoming prevalent, especially with the rise of human-operated ransomware. In May 2022, Microsoft participated in an evaluation conducted by AV-Comparatives specifically on detecting and blocking this attack technique and we’re happy to report that Microsoft Defender for…


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