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Interview of pro-ukrainan hacker group Team OneFist's founder

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Sun Tzu, the author of the "The Art of War" believed that "the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." But that is not an option in Ukraine, and fighters of all hues from around the world have converged to defend the country despite the rain of Russian missiles and bombs.
One of them is Voltage, the pseudonymous founder of the international hacker-volunteer group Team OneFist. The name would ring a bell to those in the Kremlin, as the group has launched devastating cyber attacks on infrastructure supplying Russia's war effort since its founding in April.
‘They want me dead, they have tried half a dozen times,’ says Voltage, the founder of the anti-Russian hacker group Team OneFist
“To be blunt, the things we have lived through and done could fill an HBO miniseries for 10 seasons already,” the founder of Team OneFist revealed.

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