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NATO Investigates Dark Web Leak of Data Stolen From Missile Vendor

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NATO is investigating the leak of data reportedly stolen from a European missile systems firm, which hackers have put up for sale on the Dark Web, according to a published report.
The leaked data includes blueprints of weapons used by Ukraine in its current war with Russia.
Integrated defense company MBDA Missile Systems, headquartered in France, has acknowledged that data from its systems is a part of the cache being sold by threat actors on hacker forums after what appears to be a ransomware attack.
MBDA acknowledged in early August that it was "the subject of a blackmail attempt by a criminal group that falsely claims to have hacked the company's information networks," in a post on its website.
The company refused to pay the ransom and thus the data was leaked for sale online, according to the post.
Specifically, threat actors are selling 80GB of stolen data on both Russian- and English-language forums with a price tag of 15 bitcoins, which is about $297,279, according to a report from the BBC, which broke the news about the NATO investigation Friday. In fact, cybercriminals claim to already have sold data to at least one buyer.
NATO is investigating one of the firm's suppliers as the possible source of the breach, according to the report. MBDA is a joint venture between three key shareholders: AirBus, BAE Systems, and Leonardo.
NATO Investigates Dark Web Leak of Data Stolen From Missile Vendor
Documents allegedly belonging to an EU defense dealer include those relating to weapons used by Ukraine in its fight against Russia.