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Number of cyberattacks on Russia in 2022 increased by 80%

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The number of cyberattacks on Russia in 2022 increased by 80%, 25 thousand fell on state resources – Chernyshenko
“And of course, information security is at the forefront, because the number of cyber attacks on Russia has increased by 80% this year. Moreover, if last year the financial sector was the main target of cyberattacks, this year it is the public sector. 25,000 or even more cyber attacks on state resources and 1,200 incidents on critical infrastructure have been successfully eliminated,” he said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.
The calculations of specialized analytical companies contradict the official data of law enforcement officers due to the reluctance of some companies to contact them with hacking problems, experts say. “So, for example, the victims do not know the procedures for dealing with the fact of cyber attacks or believe that the attackers are outside the jurisdiction of Russian law. In addition, companies may not apply to the authorities out of a desire to hide the identified attacks and data leaks, as well as due to the lack of built-in mechanisms for detecting and registering cyber attacks. Another important factor is the lack of trained personnel capable of conducting an internal investigation to identify the causes of the incident,” said Daniyar Iskhakov, Deputy Director of the Consulting Department of the Innostage group of companies.
Experts explain the sharp surge in hacking attempts by the unstable political situation in the world. “A feature of recent times is that more and more so-called hacktivists are participating in attacks, whose main goal is not financial gain, as it was before, but causing maximum damage to organizations and their processes. This is especially dangerous for industrial enterprises and critical information infrastructure (CII), the disruption of which can lead to serious consequences, including for the population. However, organizations that are not associated with critical infrastructure are also at risk of attacks, ”says Maria Namestnikova, head of the Russian research center at Kaspersky Lab.
At the same time, government agencies and the financial sector turned out to be the most protected, says Alexey Pavlov, director of business development at the Solar JSOC cyberattack counteraction center at RTK-Solar. “Health care and education have become the most vulnerable sectors,” the expert believes.
The problem of cybersecurity in the coming years will be the most relevant for both ordinary users and companies. At the same time, the qualifications of cybercriminals will continue to grow. The consequences of attacks will directly depend on the level of training of specialists and the development of AI systems in Russia
Number of cyberattacks on Russia in 2022 increased by 80%
The number of cyberattacks on Russia in 2022 increased by 80%, 25 thousand fell on...

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