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ESET researchers reveal their findings about POLONIUM, an advanced persistent threat (APT) group about which little information is publicly available and its initial compromise vector is unknown. POLONIUM is a cyberespionage group first documented by Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) in June 2022. MSTIC’s assessment is that POLONIUM is an operational group based in Lebanon, coordinating its activities with other actors affiliated with Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).
According to ESET telemetry, POLONIUM has targeted more than a dozen organizations in Israel since at least September 2021, with the group’s most recent actions being observed in September 2022. Verticals targeted by this group include engineering, information technology, law, communications, branding and marketing, media, insurance, and social services. ESET's findings describing the tactics of this group, including details about a number of previously undocumented backdoors, were presented in late September at the Virus Bulletin 2022 conference.
POLONIUM targets Israel with Creepy malware | WeLiveSecurity
ESET researchers analyzed previously undocumented custom backdoors and cyberespionage tools deployed in Israel by the POLONIUM APT group.

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Szele Tamás: A terjeszkedő Kína

Szele Tamás: A terjeszkedő Kína

Hszi elnök nagy mágus, Putyin elnök nagy harcos, Emomali Rahmon tádzsik elnök pedig... nos, ő az az ember, akinek a véleményére az előző két úr egyáltalán nem kíváncsi.

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