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Russians Against Putin: NRA Claims Massive Hack of Russian Government Contractors’ Computers

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The NRA (National Republican Army) claimed they are responsible for the hacking attack against Technoserv.

Russia's largest systems integrator Technoserv was hacked by Russian hackers on October 17.
In perhaps one of the largest IT-security breaches in Russian history.
In total, the hackers managed to get more than 1.2TB of data from the company's internal servers. The hackers had more than a million documents and photos in their possession.
"It should be recalled that Technoserv is aiding and abetting the criminal Russian authorities and providing services for "security", and thus directly making an invasion war possible."- wrote the hackers.

Technoserv is headquartered in Moscow and its owners are also the owners of Promsvyazbank, a key bank of the country's military-industrial complex, as 70% of the Defense Ministry's state contracts go through it.

It is also notable that the hackers had administrative access to Kaspersky Security Center 12 and virtual machines managed through Hyper-V Manager. "Kaspersky is Russia's largest anti-virus firm and has previously been accused of directly collaborating with Russian intelligence to obtain and collect data from opponents of the Russian government. We thank the FSB for their close cooperation.

The group first gained attention in early October by executing an advanced ransomware attack on the network of Unisoftware, a Russian software development company known for the development and implementation of web applications, desktop systems, cloud, and API solutions.

Russians Against Putin: NRA Claims Massive Hack of Russian Government Contractors’ Computers - Kyiv Post - Ukraine’s Global Voice
The National Republican Army (NRA) of Russia is seeking the overthrow of Vladimir Putin’s regime. On Oct. 17… - Oct. 18, 2022. By Jason Jay Smart
Screenshot from Telegram channel of NRA
Full attack dump are downloadable (Screenshot from Telegram channel of NRA)