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Targeted attack on industrial enterprises and public institutions

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A new analysis by Kaspersky unveiled a wave of targeted attacks on military-industrial complex enterprises and public institutions in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Microsoft Word documents attached to the phishing emails contain malicious code that exploits the CVE-2017-11882 vulnerability. The vulnerability enables an attacker to execute arbitrary code (in the attacks analyzed, the main module of the PortDoor malware) without any additional user activity.
In the new series of attacks, the attackers used six different backdoors at the same time – probably to set up redundant communication channels with infected systems in case one of the malicious programs was detected and removed by a security solution. The backdoors used provide extensive functionality for controlling infected systems and collecting confidential data.
Researchers identified malware and CnC servers that have earlier been used in attacks attributed by other researchers to TA428, a Chinese-speaking APT group.

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